REO/Corporate Clients

Services We Provide

Market Analysis
Detailed evaluation of the property to obtain the highest sales price.

Property Management
Everything from Cash for Keys to tenant management to cleaning and maintenance.

Competitive Marketing
Properties can be advertised online, via email, and in print.

Expedited Closings
We screen buyers for pre-approval, and ensure thorough completion of contracts so closings are quick & easy.


REO Services Team

Hollis Bathen:

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Ensures a seamless transaction from start to finish- from disclosure pages to trash-outs, re-keys to open houses
  • Certificate in Interior Design from the Interior Designers Institute

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Natalie Repetto:

  • Marketing & Finance Assistant
  • Handles all reimbursement and bills for all REO listings
  • Creates advertisements, postcards, mailers and online property advertisements

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Salvador Lopez Barr: Spanish Translator, Attorney

Vince Repetto: San Francisco Off-Duty Police Officer to ensure secure property inspections

Jorge Castillo: Contractor, Architect, Project Manager, Spanish Speaking